A car full of my friends and I were travelling to Toronto for World Pride 2014. We came up with a fun idea to make matching shirts reading "My mom knows" in the spirit of celebrating being out and proud - but what I realized is, not everyone feels like they can be so lucky and exposed...

That is where Shift Imprints comes in. This project was founded in Halifax, NS and based on the idea that we all have the power to make important SHIFTS to positively impact ourselves and others; no matter how small or big the change may be, it is forward movement.

Shift Imprints gives the community an opportunity to take part in a social movement that allows people to relate and react to. It calls for attention and promotes change via our apparel.

Our goal, is to expand in order to contribute to local community development projects which provide education, resources, and support to those striving to move forward.

If you have questions, looking for support, want to talk about making new opportunities, or want to be a part of Shift, please email us at: shiftimprints@gmail.com - we would love to hear from you!

Let's unite and fight stigma that lives so strongly in our society.

Jessi Janes
Founder, Shift Imprints